The Life of the Party

I woke up this morning and was not in a particularly good mood. As usual turned on the TV to watch Morning Joe and within a few minutes I was laughing out loud.  It seems that Ann Romney was interviewed yesterday on a radio show and she was asked about her husband's seemingly flat personality.  She professed amazement at that characterization saying that Willard was really " the life of the party" type. That's when I started to howl.

Talk about a load of crap.  Can anyone possibly believe that Willard Romney can be the life of the party? On what planet?  The Romney campaign seems determined to put Ann out there more to soften the image of a candidate that is quite frankly beyond rehabilitation on the being human front.  He is a totally fabricated product of his handlers and doesn't have a real or sincere bone in his body. He likes firing people and laughs when he remembers his father closing factories and seeing folks lose their jobs. He ties his dog to the roof of his car for a long motor trip.  Sure Ann, your husband is the life of the party.  I could just picture him putting a lamp shade on his head and dancing around the room in his magic underwear.  Well, at least Ann gave me a much need laugh this morning.

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