The Nasty Boys (Rated-R)

Never has so much attention been given to debates.  Indeed, these media staged events have been turned into a made for television mini series.  Leaves you hanging for the next episode of the NASTY BOYS.  Really what's left of the republican field with the exception of Johnny Kasich, are three ultra nasty obnoxious men who insult each other at will and with relish!!!  A quick appraisal:

Trump I fear is going warp speed into showing his total ignorance os issues. It' won't matter because the natives have their pitch forks out. The man is unstable.  A nightmare for country. He actually may be from another planet.  What's really under that comb over?

Rubio: Not gonna carry Florida and then's he's out. Poor little Marco.  Shoot to VP. 

Cruz: Could well win some other primaries and accumulate significant delegates.  Still think the guy looks like Dracula and is scary too religious for me.

Kasich:  Compared to above mentioned  he is a class act.  You can see the man has the skill necessary to do job.

These debates have become quite the thing.  Folks in Manhattan and indeed all over the country are having debate parties.  A think a debate cult may be emerging. The Tweets that go on during these debates are hysterical funny.  What will happen when it ends???  I gotta a feeling things are about to get REALLY NASTY.

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