Tony and Carmela Clinton

The comparisons are in my mind stunning. The corruption in the House of Clinton rivals and most likely surpasses the antics of the Sopronos.  In essence the Clintons are running a quasi-mafia operation complete with protection rackets. extortion, and probable money laundering.  The Clinton Foundation was the vehicle for most of the money being made but it seems so was the State Department.  Hillary is and as always been a congenital liar.  She was let off the hook with a slap on the wrist in July, but as of yesterday the case is now active again.  The October surprise. Boom.  Perhaps the fact that the FBI was in open revolt against Comey owing to his ludicrous prior decision helped bring yesterday about.  Or perhaps it was his conscience.  Whatever Comey has on Hillary must be HUGE,  And to add more crap to the pile Anthony Weiner is involved.  Yes Carlos Danger of sexting  to minors fame.  For a woman that prides herself in being so damn competent she certainly has some bad judgment as to who she hangs with.  Meanwhile Big Bill like Tony Soprano is just going for the cigars.   Bottom line folks this is a mess.  

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