Trump the Great

Donald Trump has promoted himself with great success as the competent successful businessman who can make America great again.  I find absolutely delicious the fact that Trump is so fucking incompetent that he was not aware of delegate rules.  There was absolutely no structure in his campaign.  This is the stooge that says he should be running the country.  I really don't think Trump ever imagined going this far and just found that things got out hand.  Being the egotist that he is the crowds got to his head.  The success of a campaign rests on structure and ground game.  The nuts and bolts.  

Now Trump is claiming the process was "rigged".  This is so ridiculous yet the notion gets air time form the likes of Joe Scarborough who by the way should officially be part of the Trump campaign.  Can't keep those inherent red necks from loving The Donald so go for it Joe!!!

BTW that crowd that Bernie spoke before last night in the Village was amazing.  May not agree with Bernie on many policy issues but I greatly admire his energy and vitality.  Gives us  geezers great inspiration that we can still be active and do worthwhile and challenging things. Can't wait for the Brooklyn debate tonight.  The Queen of Chappaqua will be on the attack.  Don't know how much of the debate I can endure since I really can't take listening to Hillary.  Imagine having her as president???  Disgusting thought. 

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