Truth is stranger

The Republican 2012 presidential primary show goes on.  My mother used to say that truth was stranger than fiction.  Really, you can't make this stuff up!  The latest flavor of the month is Newt Gingrich who is likely the most repulsive man in the political realm and that is saying plenty.  Gingrich thinks he is an intellectual giant that is destined to save us all. A completely delusional dangerous man but he could get the nomination, which says so much about Mitt Romney.  Did you ever see a party that didn't want to nominate someone so bad.  Romney is hair gelled creep who has no soul, but he is still the best way to beat Obama.  The "Clown" seems ready to make his exit.  Not soon enough for me since the act was beginning to get annoying.  Michele Bachmann is truly beyond words.  How dumb can a person be? Just got a hunch that before this entire mess is over Jon Huntsman will emerge as the flavor of the month.  If so this could get real interesting and beneficial for the country.  

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