Wake up America

I grew up in what now seems to be a time of innocence.  Sure, I worried that nuclear war could at any moment vaporize me and at times that seemed pretty probable like during the Cuban missile crisis.  And yes, there were the other day to day problems of life.  But today, with the explosion of media the human mind is bombarded with a constant litany of updates either with friends, family or the NEWS.  If one spends a day just listening to the various cable news channels I do think it possible that deep depression and despair can quickly overwhelm your being.  While channel surfing the other day I happened upon Glenn Beck.  Of course I know who he is but have always tried to avoid watching in fear of a having a heart attack or stroke.  This day I stayed tuned as long as I could -about five minutes.  The man is totally insane.  He belongs in a mental hospital.  Yet he has a strong following and is one of the hottest stars in all media.  For some reason this makes me worry more than the threat of nuclear war did.  Nuclear war was deterred by the threat of MAD, so I really never thought it would happen.  But people like Beck and for that matter the Muslim nuts are driven by an "insanity" that takes no prisoners.  Wake up America  before it's too late!!!

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