Ever since moving to the Garden State I have taken notice that there seems to be a Wawa convenience store every few blocks.  Indeed, Wawa should be named the official state store because popularity of the store is obvious as virtually every tattooed freak in the Jackson area flocks there on a regular basis.  Wawa stores are also popular in states like Delaware and Pennsylvania and it's in the later that Willard Romney happened upon his first Wawa during his magical bus ride through small time America.  Seems Willard was really impressed with the touch screen application for ordering hoagies.  For my part I have seen the machines but have never ordered from one since a boy from the Bronx does not order sandwiches from a place like Wawa.  I prefer Italian delis or bodegas were you actually use your mouth to order what you want and where the cold cuts are actually fresh and delicious.  Anyway, I digress from the point that Willard really was amazed at the ability to order from a touch screen and made a point to comment on the fact during a post-Wawa campaign event.  Really folks Willard should get out more among the people and he will be amazed at what he will see.  And by the way the world's biggest dork should realize that it is not "Wawas" but the singular Wawa

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