What ever happened to Eddie Munster???

When Eddie Munster (aka Paul Ryan) was named to the Republican ticket the political world went wild with adulation about how he would remake the race by bringing his huge intellect to the race and how the conservative base would now turn out in droves to support the Mitt-Witt-Eddie Munster ticket.  Well here we are about six weeks from the election and it's getting very hard to find Eddie these days.  I think he was last seen coming out of a gofer hole somewhere in Nevada or pontificating on the Christian Broadcasting Network about his family values.  I really get a kick out of all this because I always thought that Eddie was an intellectual phony who can't even master basic math.  He is also a pathological liar who even fibs about his time in running races.  Eddie is an ambitious ass-kissing phony who now must be ruing the day he signed on to be the running mate of the Mormon Moron.  Couldn't happen to a nicer fellow.  But hey, Eddie hedged his bets and is still running for Congress and will likely win his district so he will still be around but probably with a lot less in the way of rave reviews for his smarts!!

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