Egos of Destruction

What will ultimately bring down the country is the inflated egos of so many politicians and would be politicians. Here is just a brief rundown of the cast of  characters that are running around thinking they should be president in  2020. Let’s start with Bernie Sanders who actually believes that at the age of 77 and looking like 87 he can be the Democrat nominee while he is still not even a registered Democrat.  The great “socialist” is now in the process of buying his sixth house while defending his ill-fated 2016 campaign against sexual harassment charges.  Then of course there is Hillary who just doesn’t get the hint that people don’t like her.  This repugnant women is hinting she may try to run again.  That would be a stitch.  And recently Starbucks founder and billionaire Howard Schultz says he is seriously thinking of running as an independent.  Just what we need folks another “billionaire” with no government experience whose only claim to fame is conning people into overpaying for coffee.  Instead of running for president these people should be running to nearest shrink!!!