I wish the South had won

I try not to watch too much of the news these days because it upsets me too much.  I prefer reading a good book or watching old sitcoms.  However, I did get a glimpse yesterday of Dump in Alabama surveying the tornado damage.  He was asked by locals to sign their precious work of fiction otherwise known as the Bible.  Of course the cretin monster obliged them and they were thrilled.  Their man of God signed their Bibles.  It sent some of the local creeps into fits of ecstasy.  I’m surprised they didn’t get out the snakes and start speaking in tongues!! Really folks these people in Dixie who adore Dump are beyond redemption.  Makes me wish they had won the Civil War because the Union would be much better off without the morons.  Hope the next twister that hits them is a real doozy and destroys even more trailer parks.