Twitter Twits

I was definitely posting too much on Twitter.  I was getting sucked in and didn’t realize it.  It was an addiction.  However those days are over.  The more I posted the more disengaged I became from reality.  The more I analyzed what others were saying the more I decided my time could be spent more productively.  I became repulsed by the attempt of some posters to be erudite and insightful and in reality were studies in banalities.  To be sure, Twitter if fine for alerting me to news I wouldn’t normally get particularly on the local level.  Some posters who concentrate on the political scene are truly funny and I appreciate their humor, but for the most part they are just attempting to stroke their own egos.  Really nothing insightful is offered.  Accordingly I will no longer contribute to the madness.  I am no longer a Twitter Twit.  Leave that to Dump!!!