Kirsten Gillibrand is a Phony

Of all the current candidates for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination I’ve always considered Kirsten Gillibrand to be a joke.  She is a political opportunist of the worst kind.  Her record in the Senate is dismal and when she was a member of the House from upstate New York she was a solid defender of the NRA.  But perhaps her most significant issue of late is a champion of women against harassment from us horrible males.  She was instrumental in driving Al Franken from the Senate for ridiculous reasons thereby depriving the Senate of a leading progressive voice.  So now it comes out that Gilibrand’s Senate office harbored a true sexual pervert which Miss Piggy did nothing about.  She says she did everything right in this case of real sexual harassment.  I don’t believe a thing that Piggy says about this incident.,  She is hypocrite and a phony.  Can’t stand looking at her pig face.