Time to Panic

I get a kick out of all the comments on Twitter and other places about how the release of the Mueller report and the findings of Barr should not deter the Resistance from continued fighting of Dump the dictator.  That is ridiculous.  The game was fixed from the very beginning.  Saint Mueller was nothing more than an apologist for the establishment.  All those TV pundits who placed a halo over his head were assholes.  The man is a political hack.  And what the hell can you say about that fat fuck Barr??   Yes folks it’s time to panic and the only remedy to save democracy is to hit the streets.  The Democrats are proving themselves to be incompetent ninnies and can’t stop the carnage that Dump is inflicting on our nation and the world.  Who is going to save us?  Adam Schiff.  I think not.  We must find a leader who will see the world for what it is.  Time to panic and hit the streets before the Republicans find a reason to cancel the 2020 election.