Build a Wall

I have concluded that a dangerous cult in now threatening the country that I love. This cult is primarily composed of Dump supporters. They are hateful and horrible people. I don’t want to call them my countrymen. Therefore I propose giving this cult a certain number of states in the old confederacy and then building a wall to impede these cretins from entering the USA.

Quite probably this new confederacy of dunces will become independent and declare a monarchy as their form of government. Of course they will have some member of the Dump family as the leader. More than likely this new country will align with Russia and conceivably be part of the new Soviet Union. In Dumpland everyone will open carry all sorts of good guns and women will find it very hard to control their own bodies. Surely a wall should be built to keep these creeps out!!! Well I could go on and on but I think you all get the point. We are truly fighting the forces of political and moral evil. We need a wall!!!