Adam Schiff

I must admit to thinking that Rep. Adam Schiff was a bit of a wimp.  Boy was I wrong.  Yesterday he blistered his disgusting Republican opponents on the House Intelligence Committee with one of the best political speeches in recent memory.  Accordingly the asshole in chief went after him at a rally last night calling him a “pencil neck”  his adoring cult members loved it!!!  Obviously Mr. Schiff has touched a nerve with the cretin base to which I say BRAVO.

Time to Panic

I get a kick out of all the comments on Twitter and other places about how the release of the Mueller report and the findings of Barr should not deter the Resistance from continued fighting of Dump the dictator.  That is ridiculous.  The game was fixed from the very beginning.  Saint Mueller was nothing more than an apologist for the establishment.  All those TV pundits who placed a halo over his head were assholes.  The man is a political hack.  And what the hell can you say about that fat fuck Barr??   Yes folks it’s time to panic and the only remedy to save democracy is to hit the streets.  The Democrats are proving themselves to be incompetent ninnies and can’t stop the carnage that Dump is inflicting on our nation and the world.  Who is going to save us?  Adam Schiff.  I think not.  We must find a leader who will see the world for what it is.  Time to panic and hit the streets before the Republicans find a reason to cancel the 2020 election.

God and Dump

My journey to atheism has been a slow one until recently.  Now that the Christian Evangelical loonies are proclaiming that God sent Dump to “save” us I’m all in in denying the existence of God.  Indeed, if there were a God in heaven above He would have sent an avenging angel to earth to strike down the fat bastard by now.  Really these so called people of God are no more than uneducated cretins.  They are the epitome of ignorance.  People who deny science and play with snakes.

Mayor Pete

The more I see and hear Mayor Pete Buttigieg the more I like him.  What an intelligent candidate.  He is a pleasure to listen to and I will be supporting him for president.  To be sure, his chances of getting the Democratic nomination are next to zero but that won’t stop me from contributing to his campaign.  We need more politicians like Mayor Pete to elevate the political discussion.  If he doesn’t get the nomination he is doing the nation a great service just by putting himself out there.

Kirsten Gillibrand is a Phony

Of all the current candidates for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination I’ve always considered Kirsten Gillibrand to be a joke.  She is a political opportunist of the worst kind.  Her record in the Senate is dismal and when she was a member of the House from upstate New York she was a solid defender of the NRA.  But perhaps her most significant issue of late is a champion of women against harassment from us horrible males.  She was instrumental in driving Al Franken from the Senate for ridiculous reasons thereby depriving the Senate of a leading progressive voice.  So now it comes out that Gilibrand’s Senate office harbored a true sexual pervert which Miss Piggy did nothing about.  She says she did everything right in this case of real sexual harassment.  I don’t believe a thing that Piggy says about this incident.,  She is hypocrite and a phony.  Can’t stand looking at her pig face.


Twitter Twits

I was definitely posting too much on Twitter.  I was getting sucked in and didn’t realize it.  It was an addiction.  However those days are over.  The more I posted the more disengaged I became from reality.  The more I analyzed what others were saying the more I decided my time could be spent more productively.  I became repulsed by the attempt of some posters to be erudite and insightful and in reality were studies in banalities.  To be sure, Twitter if fine for alerting me to news I wouldn’t normally get particularly on the local level.  Some posters who concentrate on the political scene are truly funny and I appreciate their humor, but for the most part they are just attempting to stroke their own egos.  Really nothing insightful is offered.  Accordingly I will no longer contribute to the madness.  I am no longer a Twitter Twit.  Leave that to Dump!!!


I wish the South had won

I try not to watch too much of the news these days because it upsets me too much.  I prefer reading a good book or watching old sitcoms.  However, I did get a glimpse yesterday of Dump in Alabama surveying the tornado damage.  He was asked by locals to sign their precious work of fiction otherwise known as the Bible.  Of course the cretin monster obliged them and they were thrilled.  Their man of God signed their Bibles.  It sent some of the local creeps into fits of ecstasy.  I’m surprised they didn’t get out the snakes and start speaking in tongues!! Really folks these people in Dixie who adore Dump are beyond redemption.  Makes me wish they had won the Civil War because the Union would be much better off without the morons.  Hope the next twister that hits them is a real doozy and destroys even more trailer parks.

Princess Ivanka

Really folks there are SO many disgusting people around these days it’s very hard to single out one for commentary but for my part Ivanka Trump get my vote today.  She is a truly revolting piece of crap that should keep her mouth shut thereby sparring the world a good bit of pollution.  In the past few weeks she has opined that a minimum wage is ridiculous and that Daddy has nothing to do with her or her douche husband getting top-level security clearances when all intelligence agencies said they should not.  This bitch is a disgrace to humanity and I wish her a life in prison scrubbing toilets.  Of course she gets the Sabbath off to give Daddy lap dances.

Twilight Zone

Once again it seems that I am living in the twilight zone.  This all can’t be real?? Every day there is new evidence that we have a criminal insane president.  Yet, nothing happens!!!  Now we are being set up to have the Mueller investigation wrapped up next week but the results will not be made public!!!  Give me a fucking break!!!  Bernie Sanders announces he is running for president.  A 77-year-old socialist nut who really thinks he can get elected.  Then there is the revelation that some white supremacist nut who is in the Coast Guard was hoarding tons of weapons hoping to massacre lots of people including Democrat politicians and journalists  This is total madness but all the news this morning seems be about some stupid would be actor faking a bias attack.  Time to beam me up Scottie.

Lindsey Graham

When the dirt comes out on Lindsey Graham I’m sure it will be a blockbuster!!!  I bet in that safe at the National Enquirer are stories about Little Lindsey that will rock the political universe.  To be sure, most of the political establishment knows Graham is gay.  Unless there is some deep perversion associated with his sex life being gay is a big “so what”.  I’m sure some of the snake handling evangelicals in South Carolina would be outraged but most folks would just shrug their shoulders.  I contend that the real dirt on the Little Shithead involves a very deep Russian connection involving lots of money,  There is probably enough on Graham to put him away for a long time where he will be the belle of the ball.  His dance card will be full every day.  I detest him.  The mere sight of him makes me want to vomit.  More disgusting is the way the media fawns over him. Who gives a shit what he has to say?  Remember when he ran for president and was relegated to the kiddie table?  He is a joke and shame on the complicit media for always shoving a microphone in Lindsey’s face which he so eagerly grabs.