Trump Treason

I am increasingly believing that Donald Dump is guilty of treasonous behavior regarding his obsession in protecting Russian global interests. The Kremlin has to have some big shit on Dump for him to act so timid toward Putin. Dump still has not signed into law the latest sanctions against Russia which passed both chambers overwhelmingly. Why!?

I’m also beginning to believe that votes were hacked in several key precincts of the famous three mid’west states. Kushner was working with Russians on this. Yes we are essentially in a cyber war with Putin and the President of the USA seems to be siding with him. How fitting for Valentines Day.

North Korean Nonsense

All this fuss about North Korea is just another example of media hype.  How horrible that we may have to live in a world where a small country will have nuclear delivery capability!!!  I sort of remember living during the Cold War when the Soviet Union had hundreds of ICBM's targeted on New York alone.  Some how we survived.  The answer was offering a defensive strategy to mitigate the risk.  The same can be said for North Korea.  Of course the big risk is having Dump involved in the process.  

McCain’s Brain

Good old attention seeking John McCain has been much in the news of late.  It was recently revealed that McCain has brain cancer and the prognosis is not good.  Still Johnny boy was well enough to fly across the country to cast a vote that essentially will deprive millions of Americans of health insurance.  Then in true diva fashion he commands the Senate to listen to him orate on how horrible things are and how people must come together.  This is man that even though he is dying seeks to go out in a blaze of glory.  Sorry folks McCain has been and is now a fraud.  McCain was the man who never saw a war that the United States should avoid.  Send in the troops!!  McCain in his most grievous decision to pick Sarah Palin as a running mate showed his true colors.  I'll say no more.  

How much more can we take!!!

An early Saturday morning and thinking of just how fucked up the country is at this time. So much real work has to be done. Healthcare is going to be a mess if the Republicans just choose to let it die. Then what? North Korea fired another missile that supposedly can hit anywhere in the USA/.The infrastructure is falling apart. And as sure as I'm writing this there will be a financial crisis soon given the ridiculous heights of the stock market. Yet we are embroiled in this sick soap opera that is degrading our society and making us the laughing stock of the world. I don't know how much more we can take?

Bibles, Bullets, and Bullshit

What would a week be without another mass shooting in America?  It's the latest in reality TV.  This time a massacre came to rural America and specifically the Bible Belt.  Semi-automatic rifle bullets pelted a small group of worshipers in a Baptist Church killing 26 people including children.  Motive is unclear but one thing is very clear guns were involved.  Probably nothing will happen politically because the NRA is just too strong a lobby.  But what really pissed me off yesterday were the comments made by the pastor of  a neighboring church.  Essentially he felt sympathy for the loved ones left behind but was "happy" to know that those who died were with their "king" in paradise.  As long as that kind of bullshit thinking takes precedence over meaningful gun control legislation the weekly gruesome reality show will continue.

Perjury is not important anymore

Having taken part in numerous trials and depositions I was always warned by lawyers about the dangers of committing perjury and the harsh penalties that would ensue if I did.  Too bad " the governmental elite" is not subject to those penalties. For instance Hillary Clinton clearly committed perjury on many occasions with no consequences.  Sure she lost the election but she's not in jail. Now Jeff Sessions without doubt committed perjury before a Senate committee and will likely remain in office and not in jail.  Two standards folks one for politicians and one for us little people.

He Must Go

Nothing is left of the Trump presidency.  It is finished.  Trump has proven to be a mentally unbalanced man who should not be trusted with the most powerful office in the world.  His very presence in the Oval Office is a threat to mankind.  Republicans must come to realize that he must be removed from office or they will be consigned to the dust bin of history.  This is a matter of life and death for our republic.  

Magic Mike

In Trump world Magic Mike reigns supreme.  Of course I'm referring to Michael Flynn who more and more seems to be at the center of the current controversies.  For my part I always thought that Magic Mike was a sinister character and the very sight of him chilled me to the bone.  Then there was the way he led the "lock her up" chants during the campaign.  Well above all else Magic Mike loved money and I mean there was big money being stuffed in his G-string. While he was getting paid off  by Turkey he recommended a military position that would favor his benefactors.  And he got it!!!  Today Flynn is still a White House favorite.  He's a "real good guy"  Sort of that Goodfellas right?  Magic Mike is in hiding these days.  At an undisclosed location. Maybe he's in the witness protection program?  He is key.  He knows the money trail between Putin and Trump. Yes folks he is Magic Mike.

The Person of Interest

Last Friday we learned that investigators have determined that "a person of interest" in the Russia probe is an insider in the White House.  This insider also worked in the Trump campaign.  You don't have think very hard to determine that this person is Jared Kushner the no-good scumbag son-in-law of the president.  Trump loves him because Ivanka loves him.  Remember Trump wanted to date his daughter!!!  This sick bunch is running the White House.  Stay tuned this soap opera has just entered a new season.

Has he no shame????

I've been sort of quiet lately owing to my complete disdain for the idiot who is president but also for both political parties.  It's hard to be patriotic this fourth of July with this bunch in in control.  Therefore it's been tough to post since the entire political atmosphere has this surreal feeling.  However, you can always count on the Fat Slob governor of New Jersey to shake me up and send me to the key board.  Currently NJ is in the midst of a budget crisis which has been made much worse because of the Fat Slob.  With no budget in place the state has had to shut  parks and beaches for the important holiday weekend.  This includes Liberty State Park which is home to the Statue of Liberty.   With the public unable to get to the beach that is home to the Slob's beach home this horrendous excuse for a human being has the nerve to sun his fat body on the beach along with his ugly family.  To be sure until the photo of him sunning himself like a beached whale surfaced he had denied being on the beach!!!!  The Slob's approval rating in the state is now at 16% and after this caper heading even lower.  He is a disgusting lackey ass kisser who is destined to be Dump's butt boy before too long.  This is man who had no hesitation in closing the George Washington Bridge in an act of political vengeance.  It cost lives!!!  Folks died of heart attacks and EMT's could not get to them in time.  Now the Fat Slob is perfectly willing to see aides like Bridget Kelly take the fall and go to jail.

I must remind readers that even when the Slob was riding high I warned folks about his character.  I have been proven correct more than I could have imagined.!!! The man has no shame!!!!