The Country has gone mad

I suspect there is reason to believe that as a country the USA has gone mad.  To that end a fish stinks from the head down so President Dump is the chief of madness.  Nothing is beyond or beneath him.  No moral compass.  Completely devoid of reason.  This is our president that now was face down another lunatic from North Korea.  We are in deep shit folks!!!! The fact that we let Dump continue in office for one more day is testimony to the madness of the general public. 

Brilliant Con Man

You got to hand it to President elect Tweet.  He knows how to play people like fools like a true show man.  At times in the past few weeks I think I must be living in a nightmare of an alternative universe.  Tweet is acting like the mafia boss that I'm sure he admires.  He is rumored to adore the Sopranos.  Tweet's economic policy is threatening private companies with government revenge if they do the horrible thing of acting in the best interest of their shareholders. Dangerous in my opinion. Very scary as well.  The Carrier thing was a terrible deal but the idiot public apparently ate it up.  He then took his bow and staged a rally acting like the demagogue that he is!!

I don’t get it!!!!

In a past life I wrote at length about the stock market.  It was always a challenge to predict the path of stock prices.  So many factors to weigh both economic and political among the most important. Glad I'm not doing it for a living today because I would be at a complete loss to explain what is going on in Wall Street. This so-called "Trump" rally mysteries me.  The market is totally over bought and the current spike upward will be followed by a sharp downward move once the reality TV star is in the Oval Office and begins to really make a mess of things. The ride down may not happen until the Spring but when it starts it's gonna be nasty.

A new type of Republican

Apparently Donald Trump is truly a new kind of Republican.  He is a Republican who obviously does not believe in the free market.  It''s stunning what this shit head is trying to pull of by bullying public companies and even causing a stock to stop trading.  It's unprecedented and extremely dangerous.

Divine Intervention

It's the season of miracles so I hope a big one is the offing that prevents a lunatic from becoming president of the United States.  To be sure, the country and for that matter the world is in grave danger with Trump in the Oval Office.  You can just look at the man these days and see that he is deranged and that before too long if there isn't a Christmas miracle his grubby little fingers with have the nuclear code in reach.  Since his electoral college win Trump has displayed all the characteristics of a megalomaniac strongman.  Bullying corporations and picking Twitter fights with union leaders.  Admitting that he doesn't take security briefings because "he is smart" and doesn't need them.  Picking people for this Cabinet that are clearly unqualified.  The list goes on and on but perhaps most troubling is Trump's love affair with Russia and its thug president Putin who Trump seems to idolize.  Maybe it was that picture of a shirtless Putin on horseback that really stoked Trump's worship of Putin? Could it be that for all the overt womanizing the president elect is really gay?  Who knows with this sociopath.  Anyway this whole Russian thing has me totally enraged.

I grew up during the Cold War and looked upon Russia as the enemy.  I practiced duck and cover drills in school.  Hid under my desk as if that was going to say my ass from a Russian nuclear attack.  I lived through the Cuban missile crisis that was provoked by Russia and was quite convinced I might be incinerated at any moment.  Russia was a threat to mankind and still is by dint of it's actions in the Crimea and Ukraine.  Russia shoots down airplanes with civilians on board and thinks nothing of it.  Russia is aiding the slaughter of thousands of innocent children in Syria.  And of course striking closer to home polluted our recent election with the intention of getting Trump elected!!!   And now Trump has nominated a "friend" of Putin to be the next Secretary of State!!! 

Trump is a danger to our country and to all of mankind.  In this season of miracles I pray that one big one happens very soon to prevent him from ever being president. We need divine intervention.

The World on Fire

Yesterday's events in Turkey and Berlin were horrible reminders of how dangerous a world we live in.  International events will be at center stage as we enter the New Year.  I am trying not to panic but the thought of Trump being in charge scares the shit out of me.  

2016: Good Riddance

It has been a horrible year.  What can you say about a year in which a despotic, ignorant, racist asshole was elected president of the United States?  Indeed, we now face a puppet of the Kremlin sitting in the Oval Office.  Trump is nothing but Putin's lapdog.  I'm still hoping for some miracle that will prevent an unfit creep from being president.  Yes 2016 was horrible but 2017 will likely be even worse.

President Crybaby

Donald Trump is a one-man basket of deplorables. He is a braggart and a liar. He is a bully and a demagogue. He is an ignoramus and a deadbeat, a chiseler and either a sincere racist or an insincere one, and his love for himself is matched only by my loathing of him. He is about to be president of the United States. He is also a crybaby.  He can't take any criticism without being so affronted he must to take to his favorite pass time of tweeting to condemn people.  After Meryl Streep's wonderful speech at the Golden Globes he had to tweet that she "is over rated" and a "Hillary flunky".  Of course Ms. Streep is the most celebrated actress of our times but the thin skinned bully couldn't stand being ridiculed and called out for what he is.  Can you imagine the consequences when he tweets something disparaging about a foreign leader with nuclear weapons at their disposal?  

Of course that leader won't be Putin who Trump seems to have a total love affair with.  Indeed, I'm surprised that Putin won't be a guest of honor at the inauguration since he did help get Trumps elected.  I wonder how all the Vietnam vets feel about the cozy relationship with Russia after being told they were fighting the Red Menace in the jungles of Nam. Of course Trump had a deferment during that was because he had a bad toe.   The bottom line to all this is that Trump is a bully and a crybaby to boot.  One day he will meet his match and like most cowards he will fold like a cheap camera.  

Trump’ Press conference

Watching Trump's press conference was the most jarring experience for me – since he "won" the election. It was bizarre and frightening. The entire press conference was a vile dog and pony show. From the scam trust he's setting up, to his bragging about his "win" and continuing to trash Hillary – the man is unhinged, a liar, a braggart, completely unqualified, and has not an ounce of decency.

What I found the most repugnant and chilling was Trump's press secretary starting the press conference criticizing the media – talking about fake news.Trump – who is the grandfather of fake news, starting with his racist birtherism act about President Obama – accused the media of fake news.

His first press conference was a failure—a demonstration of sheer incompetence in his new role. He satisfied no one but himself. That is because he is a stupid narcissist. It will be interesting to see him crash and burn over and over again. It would be comic if it weren't tragic.