Saint Hillary

In case you didn't know it Hillary Clinton is a saint!!  Indeed, the hot rumor this morning is that Pope Francis will be flying in from Rome tomorrow to attend the DNC and will declare that besides being the first woman to be nominated for president Hillary will also be the first non Catholic that will be considered for sainthood upon her passing.  After all Hillary's credentials are far superior to those of Mother Teresa.  She is a walking example of love and kindness and forgiveness.  She is particularly good on the last point having forgiven her husband on numerous occasions for having sleazy affairs.  Hillary's life is just full of examples of her generosity particularly to Wall Street where she has given so many tax breaks.   She is a tireless champion of change and love of her fellow man.  Just ask Vince Forster.  Oh I forgot he's dead!!!  But of course Saint Hillary had nothing to do with that. She looked great at his funeral.  Get the point folks?  The utter disgrace which is the DNC  will surely welcome Pope Francis tomorrow.  Socialists love their own.