Hillary is a disgusting person

Lots of attention has been focused on Donald Trump being a horrible vulgarian and all that is true.  However in my opinion Hillary Clinton is a truly disgusting excuse for a human being.  She is cynical ambitious bitch who only keeps herself alive so she can be president.  She desperately wants to be the first woman to occupy the Oval Office.  To that end she will sacrifice the truth anytime she deems necessary.  Yes Trump lies but usually about stupid things.  However, Hillary lies just as much and never blinks an eye.  As this video shows the woman has no shame.  

None of the Above

This presidential election is shaping up to be one the most depressing in history.  The front runners for both parties are intensely disliked by the majority of voters.  Donald Trump is a lunatic and Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest liars in political history.  If you want to insert Ted Cruz in the mix he has the charm of a rattle snake.  I predict this will be one of the lowest turnout elections in history with many people including yours truly not voting .  I will go to the polls and vote for local offices but will not vote for president.  The candidates are all so horrible it's really hard to think of pulling the lever for any of them.  The entire election process is corrupt and in need of a of big change.

After all the noise

I concluded this weekend that after all the sound and fury of this election season most everything is now settled.  Hillary will dispatch of Bernie fairly easily in New York and her coronation will be complete.  The Vermont Senator is finished after next week but he gets high marks for effort.  On the GOP side things are less sure but here is my take.  Neither Trump or Cruz will be the nominee.  There will be convention chaos and Paul Ryan will emerge as the Saviour of the party yet again.  He is some slick operator that Paul Ryan.  If it's Ryan v. Clinton I think Eddie Munster beats the witch.  

As an adjunct to my predictions I must say this morning that I truly despise Ted Cruz.  The man looks and acts and talks like pure evil.  He is scary all the more so because he is very smart.  His organizational effort in recent states has been awesome.  He is totally obsessed with being president.  Trump in his heart couldn't care less, but Cruz is a religious nut who thinks he has been anointed by God to lead the country.  I am fairly confident that Cruz would be roundly defeated in a general election but still the mere thought of him gives me the creeps.

The Screaming Shrew

After all the political noise is quieted I fear we will have to be listening to a screaming shrew for the next four years.  Hillary Clinton was at her best witch imitation in her last debate screaming her way through the two hour debate.  Really guys, isn't she your worse nightmare?  Of course Hillary would be a much preferable choice for president than either Trump or Cruz.  If elected my solution will be to just never watch her because the sight of her makes me sick.  She is so fucking phony and greedy two qualities I find particularly repugnant.  Not a sincere bone in her body.  I think Bernie has finally had it with her.  His disdain for her was obvious at the Thursday debate.  Bernie is as sincere as the day is long and it her cynicism really irks him  Me too!!!!  So I will refrain from even watching the screaming shrew.  Good luck boys!!!


Revenge of the Morons

My biggest take away from yesterday's Super Tuesday voting is that the USA is today loaded with uneducated morons.  These are the folks that voted for Donald Trump and in doing so propelled the con artist one step closer to the oval office.  Really folks you have to be a moron to believe the crap that Trump is selling but apparently P.T. Barnum was right and a sucker is born every minute.

Notwithstanding the Trump victories last night I still don't think his nomination is a sure thing.  On average he is still only getting about 35% of the primary vote.  The question of course is how to narrow the field running against him?  Some big winner take all states loom on the immediate horizon and anything can happen between now and March 15.  So no matter what the pundits say Trump is not a lock for the nomination.

Hillary barring a criminal indictment which in my view is very unlikely will be the Democrat nominee.  She has the black vote totally in her pocket.  This will prove more than enough for her to win.  Additionally I have grown really annoyed with Bernie Sanders.  His "victory" speech in Vermont last night was the same old crap.  Not gonna work Bernie,  Get another life.

Chris Christie is a pathetic Fat Slob who has now become Trump's ass wipe.  Just love to see the way he is being humiliated. Six newspapers in New Jersey have called for his resignation, and a recall effort is gaining steam.  

While Trump is crazy in many ways Cruz is even scarier.  Watching his speech last night gave me the shakes.  

All things considered it was a depressing night for the country last night.  It was the revenge of the MORONS!!!