Viva La France!!!

While the current scandal du jour in the USA involves the bullying tactics of the Fat Slob governor of New Jersey the French are once again proving that they can have more delicious material for the tabloids. It seems that socialist French President Francois Hollandeis busy these days in not only trying to remake the French economy (probably a hopeless job) but also running around with two women.  Seems he already has a live-in companion but has also taken up with an actress who does nude scenes.  This was enough to send the live-in to a hospital for depression and the world is wondering who Hollande will bring to the USA when he comes here for a state visit next month.  Of course the French are as use to political sex scandals as we in New Jersey are use to bullying politicians threatening pay backs for not obeying their wishes, like closing lanes on major bridges.  Amazingly since all this broke for Hollande his approval ratings have gone up!! For my part, I prefer the French type of scandal and all I can say at this early hour is Viva La France.