Signs and Omens

The climate is telling us that the end may be near. For years many doomsday prophets have been saying exactly that, but I think recent events brings me more around to their position. The hurricane in LA was a big deal, Nothing like it since 1938..Then of course the little earthquake was the frosting on the cake. Honestly any folks who continue to live in LA region are doing so at extreme risk Now several hurricanes are forming in the Caribbean. One is sure to hit the east coast of the US. Florida is truly at risk. Still with life altering climate events waiting in the wings the corrupt disgusting media just wants to focus on a lunatic ex-president. The signs and omens are clear folks.

The worst of times

I feel better if I don’t watch the so-called news. To be sure the media loves the political circus led by Ringmaster Donald Trump. I often wonder what the cable stations would offer if the Trump circus was not around? Perhaps they would report on the climate disaster that is clearly underway and threatens millions of lives? Trump is a gift from heaven for these calculating disgusting cretins. I for one have been watching lots of MASH reruns. An absolutely brilliant series. And of course, the Golden Girls always prompt a comforting laugh. Call it a form of escapism and it probably is just that!! But I have to confess that the current political situation in the United States is now comparable to third world regimes. Personalities over policy. The prospect of a Biden-Trump rematch is almost surreal. Indeed these are the worst of times.

So true

Just like Republicans have embraced wholly unpopular abortion bans and book bans and interstate travel bans, LGBTQ bans and Don’t Say Gay laws and attacks on earned benefits, they’ll also embrace Trump and his efforts to undermine our democracy on Jan. 6, because this is a party that exists to pander to the same extremist elements that are destroying its own viability.
Source MSNBC

The Weather

On a worldwide basis the weather is raging extremes. The brutal heat in the American southwest is setting records. Phoenix is basically unlivable without AC, Floods seemingly everywhere after record breaking rain falls. Vermont if a mess from the weather happenings. On a global basis things are getting rather dicey. Italy has record temperatures and major flooding; Europe is roasting right now. The climate change deniers can shout all they want but disaster is unfolding before our very eyes. Wait for the hurricanes. Water temperatures off of Florida are near 100 degrees. It’s going to be a nightmare in Florida in coming weeks.

Insanity is Spreading

Every day there seems to be new evidence that terminal insanity has taken over what is left of western civilization. While climate around the world is showing the grievous effects of toxic energy policy Americans seem immune to the coming disaster. Perhaps it will take one BIG event to motivate real action. I do follow weather predictions, and this fall the hurricane season could be horrific. The core issue is the trend. Weather on a global scale is becoming more extreme. In the face of this pending calamity, we are plagued with leadership that is frankly too old for the times. Recent stumbles by the President clearly depict a man in decline. The Democrat political class needs to address this. The current crop of Republican presidential hopefuls reflects a more diverse field and Democrats should be ready for a tough election in 2024.

The Madness

It’s truly getting to the point that even my gloomy forecast for the political economy in the next 12 months may prove moderate. The planet that we live on is clearly in a climate crisis. This has been expected for a while now but nothing of substance has been done to mitigate the problem Indeed, things are so bad in Arizona that excessive heat warnings are out and also in Neveda. Temperatures in Arizona will top out near 120 degrees. It’s an historic heat wave and portends things to come. Additionally, we are now entering hurricane season and many forecasts suggest we should be bracing for big storms. Meanwhile the national political situation is verging on the absurd with possible choice of Trump or Biden. Hoping for divine intervention to stop the current madness,

Crazy times

To be sure there have been other times in American history that were tumultuous. However, the current antics going on in Washington are truly disgusting and made worse by the acceleration of media coverage. The image of two-House members confronting each other on the House floor with the word BITCH being used by the husky cretin from Georgia. I will not use the names of these witches because that’s what they want. The are truly sick and repulsive. Meanwhile the media whores were all over the story of the fucking submarine and the search for billionaire survivors who nothing better to do than go looking at the wreckage of the Titanic. Meanwhile extreme weather conditions are occurring all over the planet. The southern USA will fry in the coming days, And forget the political situation right now which is akin to a banana republic. We have a president that borders on senility and says he wants to run again. Give me a break!!! I could go one and on about these crazy times but will instead head to herb garden.


Come on folks. Most people look at Joe Biden and just can’t imagine this man being president for a second term. Biden is I believe a good and decent man but way past his prime. I use my own experience as a guide. I’m a little younger than Biden but experience many of the issues that comes with increased age. It’s not fun growing old and as Bette Davis opined getting “old was not for sissies”. We are in a very creepy political situation and prospects for improvement may prove elusive any time soon.


A few days ago, the UN Secretary General released a report on the environment that should put fear in all those folks hoping the world has some sort of future. Essentially the report was a booklet on the end of the world unless drastic environmental measures are taken – and taken fast. Most people probably didn’t hear about this study, but they surely heard much about the supposed indictment of a former president of the United States. We are paying more attention to the future of an evil sociopath than to the climate fate of the planet. I think this qualifies as INSANITY!!!!