The Era of Disgust

When the history of the Dump years are written I propose it should be entitled The Era Of Disgust. So appalling are the cast of characters that we see every day from this so-called Administration that you can have a vomit frenzy any second. Best not to watch!! Well very seriously on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2019 the country is very fucked up. A solid 40% of my fellow countrymen thank Dump is just fine. For those of us with functioning brains this is unfathomable but true. And as for Republicans I wish them all the sorrow their being can accept. They are cowards and traitors.

So What??

So after two weeks of hearings the word is that Democrats will ultimately vote to impeach Dump. So what? Until anything resembling patriotism comes upon Senate Republicans Dump will not come close to being convicted in the Senate. End of story.! Hope he resigns (unlikely) or just goes completely insane and requires hospitalization in a mental facility with rubber walls. Anyone who can say with certainly what the political landscape will be in coming months is blowing smoke up your ass.


President Dump made an unscheduled trip to Walter Reed hospital yesterday. The spin was it was part of a “normal” checkup. Bullshit. He is setting us for a resignation because of health reasons. This obese slob who supposedly was in great shape is now reportedly having some chest pains. I only hope they get worse!!!

Twitter twits

Well I got kicked off Twitter for calling Meghan McCain a fat bitch. They want me to remove the tweet and I will not because she is a fat bitch. This is the second time I have been suspended from Twitter. The first time was for criticizing Nancy Pelosi. Funny how both tweets have involved women. Guess the twitter censor is an angry bitch.. And they say men have all the power. HA HA

Uber No Show

The much anticipated Uber IPO turned out to be a bust.  Touted as the IPO of the year the shares closed down more than 7% from their offering price.  To be sure, I wasn’t surprised.  Perhaps after working more than 30 years on the Street some semblance of common sense surfaced in my old brain.  Guess I’m an believer in actual fundamentals for stock evaluation.  For instance earnings are a good thing and Uber has nothing but losses.  Assets are also a good thing.  Uber as none.  Indeed, the stock market in general mystifies this senior citizen by maintaining a loft level of valuation given the horrible prospects for the economy.  Cash should be king right now and maybe the reception of the Uber IPO will give investors ample warning.

Nancy Pelosi is a traitor too

By this time you would have to be brain dead not to know that Donald Dump is a traitor who is beholden to a hostile foreign power. Now we know that Nancy Pelosi is also a traitor. By refusing to immediately bring impeachment articles before the House she is a traitor to the constitution of the United States. She reckons it would be politically unwise to initiate impeachment. Perhaps she is right but what about the “moral” issue? If anyone in modern memory deserves to be impeached it’s Dump. There can be no denying that!!! Pelosi has to go. Resign and check into a clinic for a much needed additional face lift!!!

Kate Smith

On this Easter Sunday morning I could write about my utter disgust on the mere mention of the name of Donald Trump (aka Dump).  Indeed I could rant for countless keystrokes about how he has probably ruined this country forever.  His shit stain of a presidency will echo through the ages as the low point in the history of the USA.  However, I won’t go any further.  Rather I want to address the outrage being inflicted on the memory of Kate Smith.  Perhaps many readers don’t remember her.  The hefty singer of the 1930’s was an American treasure. Radio audiences adored her strong voice.  Later on in the 50’s she has a TV show.  I was exposed to her through by immigrant Dad who loved to listen to her, particularly when as she often did, sang patriotic songs.

Today the legacy of Kate Smith is being sullied.  Apparently when times were different she performed songs that today are deemed as “racist”.  Doesn’t matter that black performers sang the same lyrics.  She is now reckoned to be a racist and as such her recording to “God Bless America” which has been played in the bottom of the seventh inning at Yankee games since 9/11 is now banned.  Same thing in Philadelphia at Flyer games and course being the vulgarians that they are in Philly they have covered the statue of Kate in the concourse with a gross tarp.  Perhaps there are more important things to stress over this morning but this really pisses me off and I’m sure my Dad wherever he may be would have a few choice Italian words. For me I can just say what the fuck is wrong with this country?

Pickup Truck Hell

My current residence happens to be in the redneck area of New Jersey.  A totally horrible place.  Most of the people are fat and ugly and are totally repulsive.  But perhaps the most disgusting thing about the area is the vast amount of pickup trucks operated by the local cretins.  Among the large number of Trump supporters that reside here the pickup truck is a sign of prestige.  When driving around in these redneck limousines the white trash love to operate them in a threatening manner.  They speed and tailgate and generally drive very aggressively.  For the most part their horrible driving is ignored by the cops because the cops probably have one at home sitting the driveway.  My former residences were mostly traveled by BMW’s and Mercedes.  Now it’s the fucking pickup truck.  How the mighty have fallen!!!

Monday Morning Musings

I’m not in a particularly good mood this Monday morning.  It was spring like for part of the weekend but the chill is back this morning and so is my sense of rage. Here it goes:

  • I’m disgusted wit the Governor of New Jersey. This fool is running around attempting to be the darling of the radical left.  His latest foray into leftist crap is championing the “rights” of transsexuals.  I am so tired of hearing about trans this trans that.  For god’s sake these poor souls are less that 1% of the population. They need a shrink.  Having lived in a neighborhood that was periodically infested with these creeps I can testify that they are nothing but trouble.  Sick people who need help.  These “things” should not be included in the push for full gay rights which I support and the gay community makes a mistake in trying to include them in their push for equality.  And to Govenor Murphy too bad you didn’t push as hard for legal weed and have your own party sandbag you. You have turned into a mega-creep and will never vote for you again.
  • I’m disgusted with Joe Biden.  Doesn’t he realize he is too old to run? He comes from a different era.  Uncle Joe can’t seem to grasp that touchy feely with women doesn’t work any more. He was a loyal VP to Obama but other than that his record in sort of mixed as a Senator.  Please Joe spare yourself more embarrassment and don’t run.
  • I’m disgusted with the NY Yankees have opened the season very poorly.  I was hoping for a nice alternative to the horrible barrage of political news by following my favorite team.  Instead they have opened the season with losing two out of three to the lowly Orioles.  They continue to play an asshole called Bret Gardner who they resigned for the year instead of farming him out to pasture and they persist in playing a fat ass loser behind the plate. 
  • I assure readers there are other issues I could raise but I think it would be better to have another cup of coffee!!