We are doomed

It’s very tough to have any hope these days. The pandemic rages and our federal government is headed by a demented lunatic who brags about his “ratings” while people die. In Florida, which is destined to be Italy on steroids, a totally deranged governor refuses to enforce stay at home orders that will lead to the death of thousands of seniors. Meanwhile waiting in the wings in another old fool that has wanted to be president for more than thirty years. Joe Biden looks like a walking corpse and while he is golden compared to Dump he is not the man for the job at hand. With every passing day by depression grows deeper and my despair grows. We are doomed.

Too vile for words

I’ve been hesitant to post during this time of the Trump Plague but I just could not stay silent anymore. This Thing that now occupies the White House is the most vile creature that has ever walked the halls of The West Wing. His stupidity is only surpassed by his complete lack of empathy. He is indeed the anti-Christ. His followers are cretins that now see fit to seek the removal of Anthony Fauci who is a true American hero because “Tony” will not agree with the medical pronoucements of a sociopathic moron. As of this morning I seriously doubt the existence of a god. However, if there is some supreme being he or she should strike this monster down.

Biden is a disgrace

Joe Biden is a delusional old man. When he decided to enter the race he scared off many candidates who would be better than the current field. Biden is a disgrace. He is clearly mentally impaired and should not even be running for anything let alone president. Hopefully the voters of New Hampshire will put him out to pasture for good tomorrow. I could say even more but let’s just leave with: JOE BIDEN IS A DISGRACEFUL DEMENTED OLD FOOL.


I’m trying to mask my contempt for what is happening in Iowa knowing that essentially the state is finished as going number 1. Really, Iowa??? I always think of MASH and Radar when I focus on Iowa. Pure and simple soul from Iowa. The Iowa of 2020 just doesn’t represent at least for the Democrats, a sensible demographic. It is a travesty that our presidential candidates must devote so much time and money to such an arcane process. Then to not even be capable of counting votes!!! Enough. Fuck Iowa.

Ignoramus in Chief

Truly the president of the United States is a demented ignoramus. His latest gem was tweeting congrats to the Chiefs and the great state of Kansas that they represent. The asshole didn’t even know KC was in Missouri!!!! Of course there have been so many more of these incidents that they are becoming the norm. How can this be tolerated any longer? Dump is a danger to humanity. Can we really count on the military to intervene and prevent this deranged dotard from blowing up the world? For my part I just marvel at what a complete ignoramus now occupies the oval office.

The Country is Finished

As of this morning I feel safe in saying that the USA is finished. When assholes in the Senate finish by letting Dump off free of charges we effectively are now a banana republic. When Democrats in Iowa choose Bernie Sanders as their candidate they will assure another four years in office for a deranged racist lunatic. Maybe it would be a blessing for the coronavirus to take all of us out.

The Sham Trial

I will not for a moment tune in to watch one of the biggest shams in American history. This supposed “trial” in the Senate is a complete sham managed by Mitch McConnell who is very likely a relative of Satan. The “turtle” is so disgusting that he raises my blood pressure to stroke level and it’s therefore impossible to even view him let alone listen to the sound of his repulsive voice. However, the broader issue really is the complicity of the other Republican Senators who are a disgrace to their oath of office. Trump is a criminal and should be removed from office. This is such an outrage I cannot dignify it by watching the travesty. God help this country!!!

A Deranged President

It’s amazing that it has come to this. It is clear to any reasonable person that Donald Trump is deranged. It is quite likely he a drug addict. Yet the irresponsible main street media refuses to report what is so plainly obvious. Even after a performance this week where he was clearly drug impaired there was only silence. The media has enabled this horrible man since the very onset of his candidacy. When he finally sets the world ablaze folks that should have spoken up will lament the day they didn’t speak the obvious truth. Today I start a practice of just not listening to the cable news any longer. Why bother?

Build a Wall

I have concluded that a dangerous cult in now threatening the country that I love. This cult is primarily composed of Dump supporters. They are hateful and horrible people. I don’t want to call them my countrymen. Therefore I propose giving this cult a certain number of states in the old confederacy and then building a wall to impede these cretins from entering the USA.

Quite probably this new confederacy of dunces will become independent and declare a monarchy as their form of government. Of course they will have some member of the Dump family as the leader. More than likely this new country will align with Russia and conceivably be part of the new Soviet Union. In Dumpland everyone will open carry all sorts of good guns and women will find it very hard to control their own bodies. Surely a wall should be built to keep these creeps out!!! Well I could go on and on but I think you all get the point. We are truly fighting the forces of political and moral evil. We need a wall!!!

Ted Cruz

Happened to watch Ted Cruz this morning which is not a recommended way to start the day. Anyway this sickening fool is now all in with Putin. Really folks, what the fuck is going one. I won’t bother to get into the details of the various cruel things Dump has uttered concerning the esteemed Senator’s father and wife. Let’s just leave it at Cruz has no balls.

I really doubt the possibility of our political system ever recovering from this Era of Lies and Lunacy. Mayor Pete is the only candidate who can tackle the repair job. He has the smarts and temperament to be a great leader. Still he is only human and Dump and his cast of crazies has created an awful problem.