Princess Ivanka

Really folks there are SO many disgusting people around these days it’s very hard to single out one for commentary but for my part Ivanka Trump get my vote today.  She is a truly revolting piece of crap that should keep her mouth shut thereby sparring the world a good bit of pollution.  In the past few weeks she has opined that a minimum wage is ridiculous and that Daddy has nothing to do with her or her douche husband getting top-level security clearances when all intelligence agencies said they should not.  This bitch is a disgrace to humanity and I wish her a life in prison scrubbing toilets.  Of course she gets the Sabbath off to give Daddy lap dances.

Twilight Zone

Once again it seems that I am living in the twilight zone.  This all can’t be real?? Every day there is new evidence that we have a criminal insane president.  Yet, nothing happens!!!  Now we are being set up to have the Mueller investigation wrapped up next week but the results will not be made public!!!  Give me a fucking break!!!  Bernie Sanders announces he is running for president.  A 77-year-old socialist nut who really thinks he can get elected.  Then there is the revelation that some white supremacist nut who is in the Coast Guard was hoarding tons of weapons hoping to massacre lots of people including Democrat politicians and journalists  This is total madness but all the news this morning seems be about some stupid would be actor faking a bias attack.  Time to beam me up Scottie.

Lindsey Graham

When the dirt comes out on Lindsey Graham I’m sure it will be a blockbuster!!!  I bet in that safe at the National Enquirer are stories about Little Lindsey that will rock the political universe.  To be sure, most of the political establishment knows Graham is gay.  Unless there is some deep perversion associated with his sex life being gay is a big “so what”.  I’m sure some of the snake handling evangelicals in South Carolina would be outraged but most folks would just shrug their shoulders.  I contend that the real dirt on the Little Shithead involves a very deep Russian connection involving lots of money,  There is probably enough on Graham to put him away for a long time where he will be the belle of the ball.  His dance card will be full every day.  I detest him.  The mere sight of him makes me want to vomit.  More disgusting is the way the media fawns over him. Who gives a shit what he has to say?  Remember when he ran for president and was relegated to the kiddie table?  He is a joke and shame on the complicit media for always shoving a microphone in Lindsey’s face which he so eagerly grabs.

Egos of Destruction

What will ultimately bring down the country is the inflated egos of so many politicians and would be politicians. Here is just a brief rundown of the cast of  characters that are running around thinking they should be president in  2020. Let’s start with Bernie Sanders who actually believes that at the age of 77 and looking like 87 he can be the Democrat nominee while he is still not even a registered Democrat.  The great “socialist” is now in the process of buying his sixth house while defending his ill-fated 2016 campaign against sexual harassment charges.  Then of course there is Hillary who just doesn’t get the hint that people don’t like her.  This repugnant women is hinting she may try to run again.  That would be a stitch.  And recently Starbucks founder and billionaire Howard Schultz says he is seriously thinking of running as an independent.  Just what we need folks another “billionaire” with no government experience whose only claim to fame is conning people into overpaying for coffee.  Instead of running for president these people should be running to nearest shrink!!!

The Putin Shutdown

I definitely believe that this government shutdown is being orchestrated by the Kremlin.  The Republicans are in effect taking orders from Putin.  Dump is just a puppet. When will the media pick up on this??  I hid under my desk in school for nothing. The Russians have taken the country without firing a shot or dropping a nuclear weapon.  Dump is a fucking traitor and should be arrested immediately.

Mitch the Bitch

There are several bad actors in this longest ever government shut down.  Of course no body comes close to Dump but trailing right behind is Mitch McConnell.  Mitch the bitch is a pathetic turtle loser and the very sight of him makes me ill.  He is beneath contempt. I despise him with every fiber of my being.  The suffering he is causing people along with his Republican fascist racist followers is surely relegating them to the hottest parts of Hell to which I hope they soon descend.


Any objective appraisal of the current political situation in this country would lead one to conclude that the nation has gone insane.  We have a certifiable lunatic as president with the leaders of Congress verging on delusion.  Dump should be in a mental institution preferably in a straight jacket.  The Democrats while good intentioned are without a clue of how to combat a lunatic.  Certainly having Nancy and Chuck answer Dump last night was comical.  They looked ridiculous to say the least standing side by side.  Why not have had one dynamic person like Kamala Harris deliver the rebuttal?  Until the Democrats get smart and Republicans start acting like grown ups this country is on the road to disaster.

National Emergency

Dump says he can declare a national emergency so he can build his fucking wall in the event the Congress will not give him the money.  Of course you have to take anything the asshole says with a grain of salt but still the prospect of a state of emergency declaration is chilling. Under such a declaration the insane asshole could seize the internet and declare martial law.  What would the Republicans say about this?  Probably nothing. They should all hopefully burn in hell!!! The only real national emergency is Dump is president!!!!

Low Expectations

Well the Democrats will take over the House today and lots of people have high hopes that this will produce real legislative results.  Don’t count me among the optimists. First, history shows that Democrats have a nasty habit of shooting themselves in the foot once they attain power and the infighting has already begun.  The extreme left-wing of the party is already making waves and is sure to be a disruptive factor.  Really people can that Ocasio bitch ever keep her big Bronx mouth shut?? Then you have the cold reality than the legislative branch has two parts.  The Senate led by one of the most vile men in US political history will thwart the House every chance it gets.  Forget any progress with The Turtle holding sway in the Senate which now has two new Republican members who are disgusting Trump clones.  So folks go ahead and celebrate today but in the end you will be disappointed.

Mitt the Twit

Long time readers of this blog know of my contempt for Mitt Romney who in his latest incarnation is now the junior senator from the fascist state of Utah.  He is a total creep and opportunist and as a presidential candidate in 2012 showed himself for being an elitist snob.  Anyway he is trying to get back into the national limelight and has written an op-ed blasting Dump.  Golly gee what courage!!!  Where was he during the Republican primary fight and where was he when lobbying to be Dump’s secretary of state??  Now that Romney smells blood in the water he is trying to take the lead in being anti-Dump.  Some say he is angling for 2020 and hopes to snag the GOP nomination again. Go ahead Mitt and make my day.  Always love writing about you!!!