Posts on this blog have become more infrequent in recent months. Not because there is nothing to talk about but because there is TOO much to talk about. Indeed this is the era of chaos. What else to call a time when there is so much reluctance on the part of some severely demented people not to get vaccinated against a potentially deadly disease? How do you really attempt to comment on a political party that sells nothing but a big lie? How do you write about a well intentioned old fool who should not be president of the United States? And why is a former president who is guilty of organizing a coup attempt still free? How to comment of the calamity of climate change that is spelling doom for the planet and human life? How do you comment on these and other factors that have the world in chaos like I’ve never seen in my life time? So folks it’s not as if I don’t want to post more but very often the chaos of the times just leaves me very depressed.

Biden is a bad joke

Increasingly I can’t stand watching Joe Biden give another platitude laden speech. Not only does he make no sense from a policy viewpoint but the optics of his being is quite disturbing. Mr. Biden is 78 and looks at least ten years older. He keeps touching his face nervously as he talks. Even has difficulty reaching off the prompter. At this point I have no reason to think that he would even consider a second term. A discussion about who the Democrats might put forth will be interesting. I wouldn’t bet on Kamala. She has been bust as VP. Maybe Amy Klobuchar? Who knows, but for now the concentration should be on Biden’s mental health. Is he in cognitive decline??? Or is he just a bad joke!!!

Stupid and Dangerous

For the imbeciles that refuse to get vaccinated against Covid there should be consequences. If these morons are receiving welfare or unemployment benefits they should be REQUIRED to show proof of being jabbed or they will not get their money. Also there should be a requirement that in order to eat in a restaurant a proof of vaccination must be rendered. Indeed, there are other instances in which the public interest demands sanctions against these stupid and dangerous people that are perpetuating the epidemic by not getting vaccinated.

The West is Burning

If you haven’t noticed the western United States is on fire and it’s only going to get worse. Temperatures in many parts of the region are in the vicinity of 130 degrees. Seafood is steaming in parts of the pacific northwest. There is virtually no water left in many catch basins. Crops are withering on the vine, Climate crisis is definitely here. Before too long western wild fires will be front and center. Visions of hell will be etched in our memory.

Severe Mental Illness

I try not to watch too much of the news because it depresses me so. I’ve come to the realization that a sizable number of people in the country are mentally deranged. This group is mostly comprised of Republicans who continue to follow Trump. They adore the twice impeached imbecile who presided over the GOP losing the House, Senate and ultimately the White House. With no supporting evidence the Trump cult believes the 2020 election was “stolen”.

Really folks these dudes are very mentally ill. How can you properly govern a country when so many of its citizens deny reality? Unfortunately I hate to inform readers but feel I must that prepare for even more events like Jan. 6. This cult of cretins will strike again. I believe some date in August will see violence un DC as the Trump mob goes into action. Troops will have to be called out and this could be the first battle of an emerging civil was. Most people are not fully recognizing the extreme threat these mentally ill people are posing to society.

Trump and Hitler

Wow!! The cat is now out of the bag!!! Trump admires Hitler for the many good things he did?? I won’t even go there. Anyway for anyone who doubts that the “Trump Movement” is anything other than a neo-fascist front the latest exclamation from the ex-moron in chief is ample evidence. When will this fucking stupid country wake up. These people will never give up on another attempted coup. And with the horrible number of guns in this country things could get bloody and ominous. Yes. Trump and Hitler: Perfect together.

The Disease of Delusion

To be sure, history shows that significant numbers of people are open to accepting delusional versions of political reality. However, today we are living in particularly crazy times. The Republican party and most of the leaders of the GOP are firmly in the camp of just making stuff of up. Deny the obvious and pay homage to a sick demented sociopath. A good deal of the crazy people come from ruby red states that are know experiencing a huge jump in the Delta variant. These people are cretins of the first order for refusing to be vaccinated. They believe the absolutely false claims that these vaccines are unsafe. Delusion. We are in unchartered waters. This is nuts!! Democracy and SANITY are at risk!!!


I have all to do normally to keep my sanity but lately I’m really getting pissed over people not getting vaccinated for Covid. Not surprisingly most of these morons reside in ruby red states with a strong showing in the deep South. What the fuck is wrong with these people? A deadly virus can be nearly 100% avoided by getting effective and free vaccinations. Actually I would put some sort of penalty on those sociopaths that won’t get the shot. Hard to figure out what but indeed these anti-vac folks are a public menace. MORONS AND SOCIOPATHS!!!!

It’s too late

Sorry to inform that’s it’s too late on the climate issue. Too late to avert the coming disasters that will plague the world in the years to come. The extreme heat wave in the Pacific Northwest is the latest example of a world on fire. The coming fire season in the west will literally be Hell on Earth. Meanwhile focus remains on the condo tragedy in Florida which in large part is the result of rising sea levels that weakened the foundation of the building and caused it to collapse. Dramatic climate action is needed. It’s urgent but given the current opposition by Republicans to virtually any climate action I fear the worst is yet to come. Beam me up Scottie.