2012 Predictions

My 2012 predictions are probably very irrelevant since I do believe the Mayans had it right and the world will end on December 21, 2012 which suggests we should all try to have as much fun as possible before that date.  Eat, drink and be merry since the end is near. I may even start smoking again while enjoying a stiff vodka martini!  Before we are all gone however, we will witness the following:

1)  Obama will defeat Romney.  This will be accomplished by Hillary Clinton replacing Biden on the ticket. 

2)  The economy will improve at a slow pace and the stock market will do well.

3)  The housing market will continue to tank and some states like Florida and Nevada will show indications of never recovering.  Perhaps a huge hurricane will hit Florida and take homeowners there out of their misery.

4)  Rick Santorum will be found in a gay bar wearing nipple clamps and leather chaps.  A video will emerge of Michele Bachmann in a porn video doing a lesbian scene.

5)  Eric Cantor will look in the mirror while shaving one morning and realize what a rat faced douche he really is and proceed to cut his throat.

6) Occupy Wall Street will fade away as an improving economy provides jobs for many of the protesters.

7)  Many people who constantly post stupid crap on Facebook will either get a life or get therapy since most folks don't care what they drink or eat.

8)  Fox News will continue to spread propaganda for the Republican Party and will declare fraud and ACORN won the election for Obama.

9) Lady Gaga will start dressing like Jackie Kennedy.

10)  None of the above will mean anything since the world will end in December and for my part I say GOOD RIDDANCE!

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