A cynical veto

So the witch in Arizona vetoed the anti-gay bill this week,  Of course it was not because she found the potential law repugnant and discriminatory.  It was because she feared the business interests in Arizona would be hurt and indeed the establishment was yelling loud and hard for her to veto the bill which conservatives championed as a “religious freedom” measure which of course was total bullshit.  It was aimed at gays and was in reaction to the wave of gay rights that is sweeping the nation. Arizona feared it would lose the Super Bowl and face boycotts that would kill their tourist industry.  So while some may praise Jan Brewer for her veto it was strictly business for her as she has already said she is opposed to gay marriage.  However, what is really sad is that it had to come to this.  The fact that a legislature would even pass such a bill and that other red states are also considering such measures speaks volumes as to the state of the country.  Makes me sick and sad.

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