A Douche followed by a Jerk

I guess NYC can’t catch a break.  After three terms of Douche Bloomberg who catered to the super rich and had an attitude of an Emperor the people in the city are now saddled with a complete jerk as their mayor.  To be sure, I had high hopes for Bill DeBlasio thinking that he would try to level the playing field in the city and despite his ultra liberal credentials I believed he would take an intelligent approach to governing.  Alas, I was mistaken.  In the short time that he has been in office there has been one disaster after another.  To go into all of them would make this post very long but let’s just concentrate this morning on his attempt to get rid of some charter schools in poor neighborhoods of the city because he has a feud going with the owner of these schools.  For the most part charter schools have been a great boom for poor folks who try desperately to get their kids into these institutions because they generally perform better than the public schools in their areas.  Not surprisingly charter schools are detested by the teachers union and of course the ultra liberal DeBlasio does anything this union wants. Hopefully Governor Cuomo will come to the rescue of these schools but the fact that the mayor is such a liberal ideologue does not augur well for the future of New York City.

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