A Liar, a bully, and now a buffoon

It’s really hard for me to go several days without talking about the Fat Slob Governor of New Jersey.  Of course regular readers of my blog have long known of my utter contempt for Chris Christie.  As the media fawned over him I warned readers that he was a complete phony, a lousy corrupt governor, and a big mouth bully thug.  I took some heat for that position by those who thought he was the second coming and the savior of the Republican Party.  Of course today after the “bridgegate” fiasco and other revelations about the Fat Slob and his gang of cronies opinion has for the most part come around to my point of view.  Still for those who doubt that Christie is a thug who belongs in a prison cell large enough to house his rotund presence a read of an article in the New Republic gives an extensive and detailed account of the many transgressions committed by the fat phony long before he was governor of the garden state. It’s must read and perhaps it would even convince a Christie supporter like Joe Scarborough that the Fat Slob is as the article points out just a liar, a bully, and a buffoon!!!

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