A National Disgrace

I tried.  I really tried to watch the Republican debate last night.  Alas, I could not stomach it, and turned it off at the initial intermission.  First off, I hate the introductions which are more befitting a football game than a serious political and social discussion,  Whatever happened to Kennedy vs. Nixon!  Then when these fools started mouthing off I felt as if I was in the twilight zone.  Is this the best our country can put forth?  The rest of the world must be howling.  Anyway here are my candidate impressions up the point when I turned it off.

Romney looked tired and is so over coached by this handlers that I'm sure the man does not have a sincere belief on anything. 

Santorum is a very unappealing guy.  Always looks mad and constipated. The biggest creep in politics.

Gingrich is just plan nuts!

Paul is equally as deranged as Gingrich.

That's the field folks although I do think Chris Christie has other ideas.  The Fat Slob is waiting in the wings and it's hard to miss him.

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