A new NYC moron- Carmen Farina

I was just watching Mayor Bill DeBlasio”s news conference concerning the storm.  He was peppered with questions about the decision to keep the NYC schools open despite the horrendous weather conditions.  In one breath he was telling folks to stay off the roads because of the terrible and dangerous conditions and the next breath he was saying it was fine for parents to put their kids on school buses this morning.  Of course there were numerous photos of skidding school buses and in one case one crashing into a car.  But perhaps the most stunning comment of the press briefing was from the Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina who was also defended the decision to keep the schools open.  She actually said, ” It’s a beautiful day outside”.  And this women is in charge of the education in NYC?? Let’s face it folks the schools were kept open so DeBlasio would get his funding from the state and that all those “poor” people could get their kids hot Title 1 lunches.  In essence teachers today were babysitters for parents who had to work.  Don’t tell me that education was going on!!! Classes were combined and likely babysat in the auditorium. Sometimes these extreme liberals show there true colors and in Farina’s case she showed that she is a MORON.  By the way all of the Catholic schools in NYC were closed today as were most private schools, but I guess DeBlasio and his moron chancellor don’t give a damn about the safety of children.

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