A Papal Disgrace

It's becoming increasingly clear that the new vicar of Christ on earth was complicit in allowing the military dictatorship to carry out a campaign of murder and torture in Argentina during the so-called "Dirty War" that occurred from 1976 to 1983.  Indeed, as leader of the Argentine Catholic Church Pope Francis did nothing to protest what was happening while other Church leaders in Latin America took stands against terrorism on the part of dictatorships.  One has to wonder whether the Cardinals that elected him ever bothered to have a due diligence check on this guy or if they knew (which they probably did) and elected him anyway. Indeed, the Catholic Church and the papacy seems to have a long history in abetting dictators.Pope Pius XXII clearly knew about Hitler killing millions of Jews but did nothing to protest or help.  In fact, he helped Mussolini as well in consolidating his power.  I really can't understand how anyone can have any respect for the papacy anymore after another example of Church leaders choosing such un-Christ like person as its leader.

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