A-Rod makes me sick

Alex Rodriguez is truly a sick man.  I’m a lifetime Yankees fan and I really hope this creep never puts the pinstripes on again.  Despite concrete evidence that A-Rod was doping himself to the hilt this egotistical delusional man continues to deny his guilt and because he has more money than God he has undertaken a legal appeal to the decision of an arbitration ruling to ban him from baseball for 162 games.  Even the NY Times has him and his “Gummies” as front page news.  I remember back to that Sport Illustrated issue that had pictures of Rodriguez kissing a mirror with his image on it.  Other guilty dopers have admitted their participation in cheating and have taken their punishment like men.  Case in point AndyPetitte who fessed up to cheating and was forgiven by Yankee fans and given a fabulous tribute on his retirement this past September. But not A-Rod.  I just wish he would go away.  He is a sick man and needs lots of help.

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