A trip to Mars

It seems that nearly 100,000 earthlings have signed up for a one-way trip to Mars.  Can't say I blame these folks much since the doings here on earth have reached the point of no return.  I've been trying to avoid the news because it always seems to be non-relevant.  Although I have taken to watching the BBC News which is much better than domestic fare.  Of course the worst still is and will probably always be FOX News.  I just finished reading a book by the guy who turned into the FOX mole and it was very interesting reading about the inside stuff that goes on at the nation's highest rated news channel.  Lots of the people at FOX likely verge on being sociopaths and these are the people that have great influence in the political process. Indeed, the entire way we now communicate has changed society.  How else can seriously mentally ill people like Anthony Weiner dominate so much reporting.  How else can another sick guy known as A-Rod be front and center. Additionally some time during the past few weeks Hillary Clinton has for all intensive purposes been elevated to such star power that her ascendancy to the throne of power is all but certain. That last one is probably the straw that is braking my back and making me seriously consider a one way ticket to Mars.

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