About Barrow Bits

It seems virtually everyone has a blog
these days.  Some are useful and some are just streams of consciousness
from very disturbed people.  The purpose of my blog is to impart
to my readers my thoughts on the world of investing with an emphasis
on small cap stocks.  I believe I am more than qualified to do
this since I labored on Wall Street for more than forty years. 
During that time I became very aware of the importance that small cap
stocks play in the overall economic picture.  These companies have
been responsible for the highest rate of job growth in the United States
for the past few decades and the entrepreneurial spirit of small companies
have truly created the engine of growth that has fueled so much of our
past prosperity. 

Today, these companies are substantially out
of favor with investors.  They have been damaged by a variety of
factors not the least of which is the belief that they are too risky
an investment for most folks.  This attitude strikes me as particularly
curious given the events of the past several years when supposedly AAA
rated investments have proven to be pure garbage and led to the destruction
of many a portfolio.  Investors must remember that with high risk
comes the potential of high reward and to that end I will attempt to
mention and feature small and micro-cap companies that I believe offer
the opportunity for such high reward.

I will also frequently comment on the
state of the stock market and overall economic conditions.  In
my capacity as director of research at three Wall Street firms I had
the opportunity to work with several prominent economists and market
technicians and learned greatly from that experience.  If you go
into the archives and check my market and economic prognostications
for the past year you will find they have been spot on.  Finally,
to the extent that economic conditions are so often impacted by the
political environment I will often comment on the political environment.  

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