Regular readers probably are aware of my belief in “aliens”.  I think that Malaysian plane was taken over by folks from another world.  Therefore I found interesting a recent article stating that many scientists are sure of the existence of aliens and believe that contact will definitely be made in the next twenty years.  Well I got news for these notable scientists the aliens are already here.  Perhaps I have too much time on my hands because I have the Smithsonian Channel on quite often.  They do many features on UFO’s and alien abductions of earthlings. They also bring into focus how much the government covers up all things alien.  Do they fear the public would panic if they really knew that confirmed UFO sitings have skyrocketed in recent years?  They have it on tape.  People are seeing things and pulling out their phones and recording the happenings.  The media never plays them up because the government will not allow sitings to be big news.  Actually, I really hope the aliens hurry up and get here because I will take my chances with them being more attractive personalities than many of the people who now populate our globe.  Really folks can any alien be worse than Justin Bieber? I guess I’m just a crazy optimist about how good the “aliens” can be for us.  They may make us a more compassionate and caring race of humans.  One can only hope!!

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