Allen West is insane and dangerous

The latest outrageous statement of campaign 2012 comes from Florida GOP Rep. Allen West.  West is a tea party favorite and given extra press coverage because he is black and a rabid conservative.  Some would say he is a nut job and certainly by recently saying that he has information that a substantial number of Democratic House members are "Commies" he has added to that perception. No foundation.  No facts. Just an outrageous and hateful charge. One wonders about the intelligence or mental competence of anyone in his district that could vote for such a horrible man.  Yet you don't hear Willard going public with a statement of condemnation.  Not surprising since he has no balls and is fearful of alienating the kook base of his party.  Indeed, Allen West is the face of the GOP today. 

Don't laugh it off too much folks.  These type of nuts are seriously delusional and lots if not all are armed.  If the hate continues there are some dark times ahead for the USA.

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