American Taliban

Make no mistake about it.  We have an active band of terrorists in Washington, D.C.  They go by the name of the Tea Party and they are the equivalent to the Taliban that we are fighting because they are evil and terrorists.  Yet we let people like Eric Cantor roam the streets without being arrested.  The more I watch these Tea Baggers on TV the more flabbergasted I am that any sane person could vote for them.  These guys just talk completely uneducated, unsubstantiated, SHIT.  They are fanatics but they are in the process of taking the country down because they hate Barack Obama.  They are consumed with hate.  A friend of mine recently commented that they should all be thrown into a pit and let wild animals go after them.  Now that would be something I would pay to see and so would I think many others.  It's a great idea.  Let's do it and make it a pay-TV event with all the proceeds going to reducing the national debt.  Bet we would have a surplus in the country real quick!!!

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