An Overdue Correction

Every now and then I like to get off my soap box of ranting about political and social things and turn back to my roots which is stock market analysis. Lately the stock market is getting to look very tired after a record bull run that sent the major averages into record territory.  Indeed, a correction has been over due because that’s what history has taught us and apparently history is now repeating itself.  It seems that the “experts” are blaming the international situation for the downturn in stock prices with Russia’s Putin being the main culprit.  Apparently this Hitler wannabe is massing troops on the Ukraine border and is getting ready to invade.  Also it seems that recent economic actions against Russia are hurting the economy and that could have world-wide repercussions.  Still economic activity in the USA is progressing nicely and corporate earnings are pretty good.  So if you want to listen to an old Wall Street hand I don’t think investors should be in a panic.  Corrections happen and one is under way now.

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