Anger Politics

Why I ask is Rick Santorum even remotely attractive to any sane voter.  The answer I think rests in the fact that one must be insane to vote for Ricky.  Perhaps that is a reach but certainly angry.  There are angry voters out there that want to hear somebody say the outrageous things said by the like of Ricky. They hate Obama with a passion and want somebody who will "tell him off".  They want somebody like that horrible woman who is the governor of Arizona who wags a finger at the President.  These anger voters are at heart racists who have not gotten over the fact that Obama is bi-racial but commonly referred to as "black".  To be sure, these folks like the fact that Santorum dissed a college education.  For the most part these people are ignorant and resentful of anyone with intelligence. Couple this anger with religious fanaticism and you get the base of Santorum's support.  A dangerous mix for Willard.  Should be real interesting tonight if Romney loses Michigan. 

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