Another day another shooting

Just another day in the USA.  This time only six were killed by a gunman in Wisconsin so it's really no big deal.  Perhaps it's this horrible unrelenting heat or something in the water but the nuts with guns seem to be multiplying pretty quick these day.  To the extent that nuts have existed throughout human history there is little that can be done to reduce their number.  However, there is lots that can and should be done to reduce the number of guns floating around this country.  However, the NRA and a bunch of gutless politicians (and even though I support him, President Obama) continue to be enablers of the gun culture that permeates the USA. For my part, I think it's just disgusting and speaks volumes as to the state of our society.  And one last note, isn't it sort of ironic that these mass shootings seem to more often that not occur in America's heartland and not in the big bad urban centers that the right wingers loathe so much. 

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