August and things

August is my least favorite month of the year.  It's usually very hot and humid so August weather is not my cup of tea.  However the month just doesn't seem to mean very much.  No major holidays to celebrate. It's also the month when traffic is lighter and volume on the stock exchanges grinds to a halt because so many traders are on vacation.  Kids are heading back to school and before you know it September will be here bringing with it the portents of Fall and the Holiday Season.  Wow time is on the march. 

On a sillier note this August has produced nude photos of Prince Harry.  Seems the prince was playing strip pool.  Sounds like fun.  However, you must a real moron to be in his position and do such a thing when people are carrying around their camera phones.  What a jerk.

Fittingly the Tea Party convention will begin in August.  Should be quite a freak show.  I personally can't wait for the Fat Slob of New Jersey to give his speech.  Should be a humdinger.  By the way Christie keeps talking about the "New Jersey Miracle".  He claims to have turned the state around in two short years which is a total lie.  He is an obnoxious bully but lots of people here love him.  After all, it is New Jersey.

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