Barbarians At The Gate

If the polls are correct (and they usually are) the GOP is set to capture control of the U.S. Senate tomorrow and win even more seats in the House of Representatives.  This represents a stunning development considering how the Republicans shut down the government a year ago and that the party’s approval rating was in the toilet.  However, President Obama proceeded to botch the roll out of the Affordable Care Act, and had to  backtrack on his promise that if you liked your health insurance you would be able to keep it.  Then followed the veterans hospitals scandal and the IRS flap and finally the inept handling of the Ebola situation which was the icing on the cake.  Moreover, the Democrats have run a horrible campaign with many of the candidates trying to run fast and furious away from Mr. Obama.  Indeed, that creepy looking woman in Kentucky running as a Democrat against the vile Mitch McTurtle even refused to fess up that she voted for the president both times he ran!! For that she deserves to lose and that is very likely the case. Democrats have failed to mention how much the economy has improved under President Obama.  There have been 55 consecutive quarters of economic growth, unemployment is down, and oil prices have declined so that all the SUV lovers in the country can continue to drive their gas guzzlers. Of course the folks who hate Obama because he is black will be out in force tomorrow since racism is alive and well particularly in the South where the Democrats will get clobbered. So folks the barbarians are banging at the gate and if you thought things were bad in Washington before this election wait till the results are in and the nihilists in the Republican Party hold both branches of Congress.

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