Baseball is boring

I find it hard to believe how much baseball I watched in my youth.  I loved the game and the NY Yankees.  When I grew up I still held a passion for the game and for many years was a season ticket holder at Yankee Stadium.  I even followed the team around the country going as far as Seattle to see the Yanks play.  As of today I have not watched or listened to one complete Yankee baseball game this season, or for that matter, any other baseball contest.  To be sure, I check the scores every day and I’m aware of where the Yankees are in the standings but I just can’t seem to get into it as much as before.  Of course one obvious reason is the length of games. How many folks these days have the time to go to a game that usually takes close to four hours.  So counting the time getting to the game and going home you are talking at least six or seven hours. Then there is the expense.  Outrageous ticket prices and once you get the part a beer will cost you 10 bucks.

But perhaps of more relevance is the fact that the game has become a farce.  Players make it obvious that they are just in it for the money.  Perhaps Derek Jeter is one exception and he remains very much appreciated by me but the vast majority of players today have no team or city loyalty.  Then you have the constant pitching changes that take up so much time.  When I was young and followed baseball in the 1950’s the time of games was most often under two hours and pitchers actually went the distance more often than not.  And just to make the game drag on even more MLB institutes a replay rules this year.  If the Yankees make the playoffs (very unlikely) I will probably watch the games, but I still think baseball has become boring.

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