Bits of the Week

The big news of the week was the frosty reception given Obamacare by the Supreme Court.  The betting is that the Supremes will find the legislation unconstitutional.  I guess the justices just don't give a damn about public health. Not surprising given the composition of the court.  Really does anyone believe that Clarence Thomas has any business being on the court? However, there may be a silver lining if rejection of Obamacare leads to a further discussion of health care and the eventually adoption of a single payer system. One can only hope.

The Right Wing lunatics led by the likes of Matt Drudge and Sean Hannity tried to disparage the character of Trayvon Martin.  These folks are truly lower than whale shit in a deep deep ocean.  You  wonder how they can even sleep at night being such hateful racists.

Willard Romney backed off the idea of putting a car elevator in his LaJolla mansion.  You can bet after he loses the election the plans will be back on the table.  Romney is truly a dorky creep of epic proportions.

Lottery fever is sweeping the nation as the mega million jackpot is now more than $500 million.  Yeah folks money can really buy happiness (not).

Tim Tebow gave a news conference and displayed the worse taste in cloths and haircuts. It's a shame that sports has to be taken over with a cult of personality particularly one so ill groomed and sanctimonious.

Have a good weekend folks.

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