Bits of the Week

The big news of the week seems to be that Willard Romney finally secured the GOP presidential nomination with convincing wins in Wisconsin, Maryland and DC. Still the ever delusional Ricky Santorum refuses to give in even though his chances are less than zero.  Perhaps God will intervene by striking down Willard? Stranger things have happened.

Obama let loose against the Supreme Court perhaps sensing that his healthcare law is toast and is setting up to run against the court in the general election. Obama is getting what he deserves because he didn't have the balls to push for a public option.  I must admit I don't think people should be forced to purchase health care coverage.  The government should provide it.

The employment figures that where released this morning where not good so look for the stock market to get off to a rocky start next week.

Baseball started their season this past week and according to a poll more than 50% of baseball fans will not attend a game this year.  Seems tickets and concessions are too expensive.  Amen to that.

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