Bits of the Week

As weeks go the past few days have not been particularly exciting.  On the political front a rash of new polls show the presidential race as tight although Obama has the edge in most surveys.  I should caution readers that at this stage in the race polls mean very little.  There is lots of time until election day and so many things could change the dynamics of the race. However, one thing that is not likely to change is that people just don't like Willard making his chances in November very problematical.  Let's face it folks he is not the type of guy that most people would like to hang with.  On the other hand for all his mistakes and failures Obama is perceived as a nice guy and that will help him immensely in the fall.  His base is solid and enthusiastic for his reelection and that should be enough to carry him to victory.  But again, it's early.

Here in NYC  Emperor Bloomberg is at it again.  He is now proposing that people shouldn't be able to smoke in their own homes.  I wrote about this yesterday but my anger at Bloomberg just keeps growing. Who the hell does he think he is?  This elitist Boston snob is out of control. The arrogance of this douche is just unparalleled.  Can anyone imagine Emperor Bloomberg reading the Sunday funnies to kids on the radio because there was a newspaper strike?  Can anyone imagine him greeting people walking over the Brooklyn Bridge during a transit strike?  He should get into one of his flying machines and just go away and leave us plebeians to our own destruction.  Better yet he should get on a bicycle and ride one of his bike lanes out of town.

Hoping for some rain this weekend.  Desperately need some in the NY region.  The climate has been very strange this year.  Global warming is real and only a total moron can deny it.  We have planted the seeds of our own destruction and they are now sprouting.  On that cheery note have a nice weekend folks.



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