Bits of the Week

Relatively calm week on the political front.  Mitt Romney continues to tour the country with potential VP candidates and yesterday he was in Virginia with the governor of the state who recently thought that vaginal probes of women were perfectly fine in an effort to appease the radical pro-lifers. Also by his side was Michele Bachmann who chimed in with her endorsement as if that really will help with women voters.  Always nice to have a true nut on your side.  No wonder the latest poll in Virginia has Romney down by 18 points among women voters.

President Obama went to Afghanistan to sign some worthless piece of paper with a corrupt regime and posed for some great photo ops with the troops who apparently will be staying there until hell freezes over. I think that Obama's Afghanistan policies are ridiculous and I'm very disappointed in his approach.  We should get out now not 10 years down the road. At the same time the Obama campaign was touting the anniversary of the killing of Bin Laden trumpeting the president as the most courageous man on the planet. For my part, the Navy Seals were the ones who got Osama and maybe Obama should be a little more modest.

But for Yankee fans this week was a true disaster.  The best closer of all time Mariano Rivera is probably finished for the season and forever because he choose to shag fly balls in center field and in the process banged into a fence and hurt his knee.  What a sad end to a brilliant career. Number 42 was truly the best reliever in the history of baseball and as a Yankee fan I was privileged to see him work his trade.  On the plus side I'm glad I decided that my Yankee season tickets were too expensive and did not renew this year.  Thanks for the memories Mariano,  You are a class act!!

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