Bits of the Week and the Three Stooges

The past week witnessed Willard Romney securing the GOP nomination as The Sanctimonious One decided to leave the race and avoid the foregone humiliation of losing his home state in the upcoming Pennsylvania primary.  Now Willard will go forth to Tampa with nomination in hand ready to spend millions to demonize Barack Obama.  I still would bet that Obama will get reelected but it will end up being very close. Hate is a strong emotion and many voters hate Obama and can't wait to vote against him.

George Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder in the killing of Trayvon. All I can say is about time. What took so long?  My bet here is that no jury will go for second degree murder.  Zimmerman will end up doing some time, but Trayvon is gone forever.  There will never be real justice in the case.

Hilary Rosen a big mouth Democratic consultant made a remark on a cable station in which she said that Ann Romney never had a job and therefore was not qualified to be Willard's chief economic advisor. The entire affair is ridiculous as Republicans have now screamed bloody murder at how Rosen and thus Obama were dissing the gals who stay home and take care of the little ones.  To be sure, it sounded that way and coming from a feminist lesbian (alleged) allowed the GOP to deflect the reality that they have been anti-all women for quite a time now. 

Meanwhile, Allen West the nutty Congressman from Florida announced that 80 members of the House Democrat caucus were card carrying Commies.  Of course except for a few media outlets this item has been ignored while Rosen gets ripped for telling the truth.  Go figure?  Liberal media bias?

All in all another depressing week for humanity.  Decided to go and see the new Three Stooges Movie. With so much emphasis on women lately thought I would do a guy thing, and the Stooges are decidedly a male thing…………………….Woo….Woo…Woo

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