Bits of the Week

Been a typically depressing week in the news.  The controversy over the killing in cold blood of Trayvon Martin is gaining lots of attention as well it should.  I have commented on this situation yesterday and feel even more strongly today that this is a national disgrace.

On the political front Willard finally reveals who he really is (or isn't). He is the Etch a Sketch man.  Can you imagine a political adviser making a worse blunder?  Willard is now toast in the general election. Rick Santorum continued to make a case for mental health.  This guy is really way off.

Tim Tebow is taking his shtick to New York to play for the Jets provoking me to renounce my fan status with the Jets. I can't stand Tebow.  Don't believe he is so taken with Jesus. He is a huge phony and I curse the Jets for making me a man without an NFL team. Waiting for Tebow to indorse little Ricky.

The stock market took a little rest this week but look for a rally next week.  Stocks still attractive on a valuation basis.

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