Blood Feud

Just finished the latest book by Edward Klein titled Blood Feud. It’s a must read for political junkies.  The book is very critical of both Hillary Clinton and her phony husband as well as President Obama.  However, Hillary and Bill come off as the worst for being scheming horrible people who care nothing about principle but just gaining power.  It’s clear from the book that Hillary is running and that Bill is pushing her hard to do it since he wants a “Clinton Restoration” in the White House.  To that end he struck a deal with Obama in 2011 to campaign for him in 2012 if he promised to back Hillary in 2014.  Well it seems that Obama has basically reneged on that deal and that has Bill furious and now he hates Obama more than ever.  The book offers some great information like Hillary and Bill both having plastic surgery (at Bill’s insistence).  He has even taken to making sure Hillary dresses better.  He is running the entire show.  The Clinton’s have not slept together in more than 20 years and rarely even see each other except for business reasons. Hillary is well aware that Bill over the years has carried on with other women but doesn’t care.  These are two cynical people who deserve whatever bad things that will surely come their way.  I would really like to address all those women who look at Hillary as a role model.  Are you kidding?  She has engaged in a phony marriage for years with a serial adulterer and even put up with the humiliation of the Lewinsky scandal.  All for power and money.  About the only hopeful note in the book is that both Hillary and Bill and not in good health and may expire before 2014.  Of course the Clinton camp is blasting the book and Klein calling him a pathological liar.  I found that particularly funny coming from Hillary who William Safire way back called a congenital liar.  Please God, make Elizabeth Warren run!!!

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